Spartan Fitness | Old-school, outdoor fitness in Brighton and Hove

Keeping Brighton fit since 2007


spartan group exercisesSpartan Fitness is Brighton’s oldest Kettlebell class. Our workouts have been featured in The Argus, The Times Health Supplement and Mens Fitness (see reviews page). Our training will help push you to achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

If you’re fed up with the usual boring gym routines and want your training to be exciting, innovative and guaranteed to take you to your limits, then perhaps it’s time you tried Spartan Fitness. We run small group fitness sessions in Brighton and Hove’s parks that are worlds away from anything you’ve ever done before and will make you realise just how fit you really are.

We specialise in old-school training techniques that you’ve probably always wanted to do but never got the chance. We promise to make your workouts as challenging and interesting as possible by using a combination of basic objects such as sandbags, ropes, tyres and sledgehammers, along with specialist equipment like kettlebells, medicine balls and plyo-boxes.

We also use some well known body weight exercises like burpees, squat-thrusts and dips, alongside some lesser known but equally effective ones; who’s up for bear-walks and hindu press-ups?

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