Steve Liszka - Spartan Fitness Brighton

Spartan Fitness was created by Steve Liszka, a professional fire-fighter and fitness enthusiast.  Steve has always been involved in sport, playing rugby at schoolboy, club and university level. His love of being active led him to completing a Sports and Exercise Sciences degree at Gloucester University. Steve joined the Fire service in 2001 and has always enjoyed the many varied challenges that the fire service presents. He used his knowledge of exercise prescription whilst in the service and qualified as a Physical Training Instructor. One of his main tasks in this role is to ensure the fitness levels on his watch are sufficient to meet the demanding needs of the job.


It was through his role as a PTI that Steve came up with the idea for Spartan Fitness. Firefighters need to be able to work in hot and dangerous conditions, carrying breathing apparatus sets that weigh over 20 kilos. If performing rescues they may have to drag someone weighing far more than them out of building, The work they do is often relatively short in duration but is of very high intensity and is incredibly demanding on the body. Steve felt that traditional gym workouts did not reflect these activities and so he set about using alternative equipment like kettlebells and tyres that require the body to be used as a whole, rather than isolating certain muscles and body parts. When the methods he began using had such a positive effect on his fellow firefighters, he decided to create Spartan Fitness and introduce the public to these training principles.

spartan steve pulls

As well as playing rugby, Steve enjoys taking part in many different sporting activities. In his mid twenties he took up boxing and had over a dozen amateur fights. His boxing career culminated in him winning a Gold Medal at the World Firefighter Games in Liverpool. Steve also enjoys climbing, mountain biking and water based activities like Sea kayaking and paddleboarding. He has also taken part in a number of adventure races as well as the Brighton Marathon. Steve is also a qualified personal trainer.

Steve has always believed if you want to get the best out of people, exercise should be kept simple and made as interesting as possible for those taking part. His intention is to create workouts that will take people to a higher level of fitness, whilst at the same time being as challenging and varied as possible. Spartan Fitness is his way of giving the public the training they deserve.

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