Created with Nokia Smart CamRemember when you were a kid and exercise was fun, doing things like running, jumping, climbing trees etc…? Well that’s the feeling we want to bring back to your training. At our sessions you get a chance to lift, slam, jump, throw, sprint, swing and drag your way to a new level of fitness. Unlike most conventional gyms, our programmes are designed with a functional approach to fitness.

This means doing the things you’re body was designed to do (sitting on a leg curl machine, repeatedly bending and straightening your leg is not what we were put on earth to do, it’s also extremely boring). By relying on simple pieces of equipment, our bodies are made to work much harder, using far more muscle groups.

Our high intensity workouts will get you not only fitter, but stronger, faster and more explosive than ever before. Our programmes are perfectly geared up for people of all fitness levels, male and female. Whether you are an elite athlete, looking for that edge in your chosen sport, or a complete novice who simply wants to get fit and lose some weight or maybe pack on some muscle, we can help you achieve your goals. All that is required from you is a positive attitude and a willingness to keep going when things get tough, because believe me, it will get tough.

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