This training will pump up your strength, improve recovery time and boost stamina… By the end I’ve maxed out my fitness and strength but feel a mighty sense of acheivement.

It’s a complete physical assault and my heart is thumping hard just to keep me conscious. But I never get to the point of actual collapse, which is due both to the competitive edge of working in a group and to the motivation of operating in pairs.

Mens Fitness

Is functional exercise better than the gym?
It’s Saturday morning and I’ve just finished flipping a huge lorry tyre across a field with my bare hands. Now I’m about to start on a bag of sand and, when I’m finished with that, I will allow a man to tie a rope round me and attempt to run off while he pulls me back.

It’s high-intensity stuff, and it works. It operates a much broader definition of fitness than the gym, going beyond cardiovascular and strength fitness to take in power, balance, flexibility, agility and speed.

Mark Barrowcliffe – The Times Newspaper

Spartan fitness is the best workout I’ve ever done and enables you to achieve a very good level of fitness and strength. Once you’ve exercised outside by the sea in a group you realize just how limiting the traditional gym is. if you are in anyway serious about getting fit then this is one of the best decisions you can make.

Niall O’Hea

I tried out this class this year and it’s safe to say I will be a regular. Awesome class, people and an excellent mix/vary of challenging workouts with great results. Glad I found this little gem!

Lisa Upton

I was a diehard regular for over 4 years and only reluctantly stopped when I moved out of Brighton. It was by far the best fitness regime I have ever followed, there was a great team spirit and the sessions were hard but intensely enjoyable. The worse the weather the more fun it was. I’m now, having written this, very tempted to try and fit it into my life again… and remind the youngsters, you’re never too old!

Martin Steggals

I’ve been a Spartan regular for almost two years. I’m too lazy to go to class more than once a week, but even when I wasn’t doing any other resistance work I still built up more muscle than when I was using dumbells three times a week at the gym, and it’s a lot more fun too. I have my own kettlebells now so I can work out at home, but it’s going to Spartan that keeps me motivated and interested.

Asha Ungar

I play league club cricket in mid Sussex and I joined Spartan to help improve my power, performance and endurance. What I actually got was 10 times more. New friends, challenges, stress relief and peak physical fitness to name a few. I can put my hand on heart to this statement that having been part of the gang for 2 years I wouldn’t physically and mentally be in the optimal condition I feel I’m at this present day. If you want all of the above and have your expectations blown then it’s a no brainier. Once a Spartan always a Spartan!

Sammy Purcell


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